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InuYasha Fanfiction: The Drabble Community
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IYFF Drabble Community is focused on having challenges in the spirit of fandom

InuYasha-Fanfiction: Is an open writing community dedicated to the fandom of InuYasha. It is now under new leadership and undergoing a revision. Starting July 18th 2011, our first bi-weekly drabble contest has been posted and members have until the 31st to participate. Starting in August, we will be hosting one-shot, poetry and fan art contests as well. Members are encouraged to write and also leave comments for each other as it works best if everyone can receive feedback for their drabble.

1. Writing must now be new and posted only for the contest you are submitting it to. In the past, members were allowed to post older work for a new contest, but not anymore. Out with the old and in with the new :).

2. We will have different word counts depending on the contest. Drabbles will be 250-500 words. One-shots are 500+ words. Poetry will depend on the current contest as a haiku will not have as many words as a poem that tells a story.

3. All writing must be clearly labeled if it is of mature content!!! If you post to iy_fanfiction, make sure to keep the entry as members locked.

4. All contest pieces must be posted on site under a live journal cut using the appropriate format:

Word Count:

5. Occasionally we will be posting challenges usually revolving around some holiday. All challenge submissions can be posted somewhere else and simply post a link on site so you can be given credit.

Non-members of the LJ community - Please leave a comment in the first challenge post with the title, your pen name or name, character pairing, and link to where you posted your writing. It is not required, but if you have not, try joining InuYasha-Fanfiction.com and posting your pieces there. It will be easy to track down in case you forget to post the link. Things do happen. :)

6. Challenges will usually last for about a month or will be open, meaning it will have no deadline. All participants will receive a participation banner. Contests, however, will be voted on after it has reached its deadline. Drabbles and one-shot contests will be given two weeks, poetry contests will be given one week unless stated otherwise and fan art contests will be given one month. First through third places will receive award banners and everyone will receive a participation banner no matter which contest it is.

7. Minors cannot submit adult content (that means if you are under 18, then please keep it G, PG, or PG-13.)

8. Adult Content drabbles must be only viewable to members.


Our schedule

Date: Prompt - Word Count
Please do not post until the announcement post has been added by a mod for each challenge.
  • September 1st-September 5th: Drabble #03 Submerge - Word count 250-500

  • September 1st-September 12th: One-shot #02 Skyline - Word count 500+

  • September 1st-September 12th: Poetry #04 A Mother's Love - Acrostic, must spell out the prompt. Must have 12 lines.

  • September 5th-September 12th: Drabble #04 Prayer - Word count 250-500

  • September 12th-September 26th: One-shot #03 Lantern - Word count 500+

  • September 12th-September 26th: Poetry #05 Unkempt - Carpe Diem

  • September 12th-September 19th: Drabble #05 Uplifting - Word count 250-500

  • September 19th-September 26th: Drabble #06 Defense - Word count 250-500

  • September 1st-September 30th: FanArt #02 Expressions - N/A

Other challenges/contests will be announced. These are just to start us off.

Special thanks to the following for graciously allowing us to use their fan art for awards and banners...
DaphneShaggyDoo *Ebjeebies Jupeboxgal PrachetaInuyasha Salomewilde GlyphBellchime Lexaii Ghost2994

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